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"Mahabeej Bhavan", Krishi Nagar, Akola. Pin 444 001, Maharashtra, India

PRODUCTION : MSSCL Seed Production Activities


At MSSCL the Production Department does the massive work of undertaking seed production on an area of 25 Lacs acres approximately through Fifty thousand seed growers spread across the State of Maharashtra. Wherein the most important activities starts with systematic implementation of the Foundation seed distribution to selected seed growers followed by time to time supervision for good management of seed production plots. Off-course this also comprise Quality enhancement programme at farms levels are thoroughly synchronized to ensure timely receipt of seeds as per targets. Suitable incentive mechanism, bonus for target compliances and quality incentive for improvisation not only help to attract farmers but also to keep interest of farmers constant in Mahabeej seed production programme.

Food safety being an immensely important part of the Nation’s Security, the Corporation largely deals in the high volume low value products covering staples, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre crops, Green Manuring, Fodder crops and albeit also covering the unique White Gold (Cotton).

Annually Mahabeej is producing more than 10 Lacs quintals of Certified / Truthful seed and around 1.20 to 1.50 Lacs quintals of Foundation seed including Vegetable Crops.

Schemes and Benefit to Seed growers under various Seed production programme.

So as to organize the seed production area in the Compact Block in a village under “Seed Village Programme” MSSCL has introduced special schemes of 100%, 75% and 50% rebate in inspection fee of Seed Certification Agency on the basis of area organized in a village. This scheme is also separately implement for Paddy, Tur, Jute and Vegetable crops. Similarly for promotion of seed production in Maharashtra such schemes are regularly implemented to attract the seed growers for quality seed production programme of different hybrid and varieties:

  1. Registration fee rebate for Advance Booking growers participating in scheme.
  2. Rebate in field inspection fees for compact area registration.
  3. Special additional incentive based on higher quality seed.

Considering the demand of Certified seed in Pulses and Cereals under National Food Security Mission, MSSCL is producing record certified seed of Moog, Udid, Tur and Gram varieties in Pulses, Soybean in Oilseed and Paddy, Rabi Jowar in Cereal crops for distribution under this scheme, which has helped to increase the SRR in these crops.

MSSCL is producing sizeable certified seed of new varieties in Cereals, Pulses and Oilseed crops for large scale promotion amongst the farmers in Maharashtra for boosting production and the productivity per unit area.




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